If you’re just joining me, squeeze in. There’s always room for one more.

The primary cast of characters in my story. Feel free to go back this post on a regular basis. No one will judge you for memory loss.

  • Donnie – that would be me.
  • Harvey – my husband, father of Iyal and Morasha
  • Morasha – my daughter, 18 years old and finishing up her freshman year in college
  • Iyal – my son, 18 years old and finishing up his first year as an intern at Verizon Corporate Headquarters
  • Chancer – Iyal’s first FASD service dog, which we loved like crazy and lost at 11 years old on February 7th, 2017
  • Quinn – Iyal’s successor to Chancer, also an FASD service dog. Quinn joined our family in late November of 2015
  • Autumn – our 6-year-old cat.

Oh. There will be a test. But it’s open blog.


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