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Nuzzle Book Launch - We Got Our Woof Out!

Nuzzle Book Launch Iyal Winokur
"Professional Dog Photograher, Bill Simmons, whose work is featured in Nuzzle - attends the party!"

Uncle Eddie at the Nuzzle Book Launch
"Iyal's Godfather, Uncle Eddie, and Donnie's Godson, Nathan, make a surprise appearance at the Nuuzle Book Launch! Iyal's Pop-Pop is happy to see everyone, too!"

Kindergarte Teacher visits Nuzzle Book Launch
"Iyal's kindergarten teacher surprises us all by joining the party! We hadn't seen Ms. Estabrook in 8 years!"

Puppy Biscuits at the Nuzzle Party "Kelly and Tamara enjoy serving Puppy Punch and People Biscuits at the party."
"Iyal's Pop-Pop and good friend Marion Mohr stand with Chancer."

Pop Pop at the Nuzzle Party "Iyal's Pop-Pop and good friend Marion Mohr stand with Chancer."


Thank you to everyone who made this a success!

Guests at the Nuzzle Book Launch
" Iyal and his Pop-Pop, Herb Kanter, stand proudly next to Chancer's "Stand-In"!

Chancer at Nuzzle Party
"Chancer is decked out in his 4 Paws for Ability kercheif for his Book Launch Party!"

Facepainting at the Nuzzle Party
"Doggie Face Painting at the Nuzzle Book Launch!"

New Friends at the Nuzzle Party
"New friends are made at the Nuzzle Book Launch."

Iyal's babysitter arrives at Nuzzle Party
"Iyal's babysitter, Naomi Warnick, from years ago sits with "Chancer" at the Book Launch."