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Pregnant Pause 09.09.09

Do your own pregnant pause at your office, community area, college or school.

On September 9International FASD Awareness Day – we joined advocates across the globe in a “Pause for Pregnancy” to encourage women to PAUSE and think about the effect of alcohol on pregnancy.

For a pregnant woman there is no known safe time to consume alcohol, nor a safe amount. Despite fetal alcohol spectrum disorders (FASD) being 100% preventable, 1 in 8 fetuses are exposed to alcohol and placed at risk for FASDs — birth defects, intellectual and developmental disabilities.


Join together with us on the ninth day of the ninth month

Thank you to everyone who contributed time and “dramatic” talents to educate the public about the risks of alcohol in pregnancy. On September, 9, 2009, men and women in Atlanta joined together dressed to look like they were pregnant and “froze” for 9 minutes in the plaza of Georgia State University. Georgia Nofas provided balloons to blow up and they were placed under clothing. Informational cards were passed out to curious bystanders.

Special thank you to the Original Pregnant Pause event conducted in London’s Victoria Station in 2008 with great success. We hope you’ll join this PAWS MOVEMENT NEXT YEAR! Chancer plans on joining us, but there is no guarantee his sit stay will be frozen!