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Interview with Morasha and Iyal

Meet Morasha, Chancer and Iyal

Why did you decide to write My Invisible World?
When I was eight years old, I wanted to write a book, so I did. It took me three years and I just finished at eleven.

What do you want readers to know?
I want people to experience while they are reading my book, what life is like when you live with a family member with a disability.

What’s your favorite thing to do for fun?
Hang out with my friends, talking and just being together. It is important to have good friends when your life can be stressful.

Morasha, do you have any dreams for this book?
I hope this becomes a really good thing and that people know about FASD and it gets out to a lot of people. FASDs are 100% preventable and my generation can stop it from happening to more babies. We ALL have to know about it.

Chancer - FASD Service Dog E-book downloadIyal, do you have any dreams for this book?
I want people to know that I am a really good boy and that I like to do normal kinds of things that all kids do. Chancer is my dog, and he is the best dog ever!

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