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Meet Morasha Winokur

Breaking down barriers to understand siblings of children with invisible disabilities

Morash Winokur Wins Mom's Choice Book Award

Morasha R. Winokur







My Invisible World Scrapbook


My Invisible World by Morasha WinokurMy Invisible World, Life with My Brother, His Disability and His Service Dog

Morasha’s life in the United States began at 14 months when she was adopted from Russia by her parents, Donnie and Rabbi Harvey Winokur. As a toddler, Morasha created elaborate stories about her “former” life in Russia setting the stage for developing a vivid imagination and irresistible style of expression. At eleven years old, Morasha is in sixth grade at a public school in Roswell, Georgia. She lives with her parents, her brother, Iyal, his service dog, Chancer and two cats, Manhattan and Eilat.

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