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Nuzzle Cover

Nuzzle -
Love Between a Boy and His Service Dog

by Donnie Kanter Winokur / Designed and Illustrated by Jodee Kulp
(Juvenile Non-fiction)

$16.95 plus s&h

Nuzzle is a sensitive and humorous portrayal of adoption, disability and the unconditional relationship between a boy and his service dog, Chancer. It iswritten through the eyes, ears, nose, paws, and voice of Chancer and designed as an early reader for six to eight year olds.

This book will forever change the way you think about brain injury and second chances.Readers will learn how this irresistible 90-lb. golden retriever helps to raise his special ‘human’ boy. Children and adults will understand the daily challenges faced by a child livingwith the life-long, hidden birth defect called fetal alcohol spectrum disorder (FASD).FASD is the umbrella term used to describe a broad range of effects associated with alcohol use during pregnancy.

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Chancer - FASD Service Dog E-book downloadLesson Plans for Elementary School students - Nuzzle Chancer is a magnet. As the FAS Spokesdog, kids and adults are drawn to him and that allows understanding about fetal alcohol spectrum disorders.

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