Quinn, Iyal’s second FASD service dog, loves a game we play called, “Water”. I know, you can guess what’s involved in this deal. We have a hose on our deck, which is a must in Atlanta. I am obsessed with creating and nurturing deckscapes. I took a class years ago by a professional flower/landscape designer and learned enough basics that have kept me designing floral landscapes for over twelve years. I look forward to it every spring and it keeps me busy through the summer and into the fall. So the game Water is pretty simple. I turn on the hose, choose my selection for the day, either shower or full and get the action going. Even before the water is coming out of the hose, Quinn is play-bowing and jumping as though this is his warm up! His anticipation of the game is hysterical as though every cell in his being is waiting for this game he loves. Water shoots out of the hose and Quinn leaps to where the water is coming from. I immediately stop spraying and shoot in another direction. Back and forth. Higher and lower…sometimes just moving the hose around. Sometimes abruptly starting and stopping. Quinn is jumping! Quinn is lunging. Quinn opens and closes his mouth, drinking the water as he comes up the stream to the nozzle like he’s eating a piece of corn on the cob. His play is accompanied by lots of snorts and strange noises that he only makes during Water. Of course when he shakes off he is less wet and I am more. After about five minutes I am done although Quinn could probably go on for another fifteen. We both get toweled off and go inside to rest.